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Having problems ? Read the FAQ first
What are they ? bbCounters are the baconbuttie equivalent of many other counter providers such as Andale, Ruby Lane etc. They provide you with an indication of the number of times your listing has been viewed.
Are they eBay legal ? Yes, although the counter is generated using JavaScript, it's fully eBay legal.
What do I have to do ? All you need to do is copy the counter code into your item description. Done properly, it will not show as it's JavaScript and the browser will hide it from view. You will need to register to be able to login and see your counters.
Where can I get it ? Your personalised bbCounter code can be obtained here.

*** Remember to copy the entire code into your item description, and ensure it looks exactly the same as the example given. Line-wrapping will stop it working.
Do I need to register with you ? Yes, to use the counters you must register.
What happens in registration ? You send me an email via eBay. I create your account with a temporary password which I email to you. You login and set a new one, and some other optional information. I aim to turn registrations around in 24 hours. You can still use the script in your auctions, and it will still count 'viewers', but you won't have access to the system to see the counts until you can login.
Are my details safe ? Please, please don't use your eBay password for this system, only your eBay userid. I don't need it, I don't want it. The password you use for this system is encrypted, so even I can't see what it is. I don't share user data with anyone else, and your email address won't be passed onto any third party for any reason. If you decide you want to stop using this tool, simply email me and I'll remove all your details.
Ok ... how much ? Err... nothing, zilch, diddly-squat. Unless you want to make a donation.
Any conditions on me using it ? Only 1. By using it you agree to not modify the code in any way, including the information section at the top of the code. I don't make any money doing this, so it's a small 'price' to pay. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in removal of your login.
Do you want any credit on my listing ? The bbCounter code itself provides a link to the baconbuttie website, so no further credit is required or requested.
What else are you offering ? There is also the WatchScript that allows you to count your 'watchers', and this integrates with the BBCounters nicely. There a few more 'nice' JavaScripts in the JavaScript Generator. I'm also working on a LinkTracker so you can see where people arrive at your pages from.
What's next ? Who knows ? Can you think of anything ?
Frequently Asked Questions

I've changed my eBay username/ID and now my counters don't work
The counter code links items to your ID, which is the same as your username in this system. Change one, and the other needs to be changed. Email me your new and old ID and I'll make the changes asap, and relink any existing items with your old ID to your new one.
I appear to be missing items that I know have been viewed
Firstly, check your counter code has been generated with your ID. If you've been sent the code from someone else and haven't changed the 'sid=' part then the server will link the item to their ID (only in this system, not eBay). If the code is correct then email me with an item number and I'll take a look to see what's happening.
I use TurboLister and the counter doesn't work.
When using TL to generate your item, you need to ensure that you insert the counter code while in the 'HTML View', not in the default 'Design View'. If you don't, TL will treat the counter code as normal text and really mess it up !
I use SpareDollar and the counter doesn't work.
Similarly to TL, when using SD to generate your item, you need to ensure that you insert the counter code while in the 'HTML Mode', not in the default 'Design Mode'. If you don't, SD will treat the counter code as normal text and really mess it up !
I'm sure I've put the counter code in properly, but it doesn't seem to be counting my viewers.
There are 2 tests/checks you can do before emailing me with an item number :
1. when viewing your item Right-Click, View-Source and locate the counter code in the document. It should look exactly as the page that generated the script for you. If it's line-wrapped, or contains <br>'s then it won't work. It needs inserting correctly and without line-wrapping or HTML markup.
2. Right-Click on the counter logo and click 'Properties'. The property for the image should include '&sid=your_eBay_ID'. If not, regenerate the code using your eBay ID.
When I login it just shows me the login page again !
This will happen if you don't have cookies turned on. Turn them on and try again.
I've tried to reset my password but I've not yet had an email.
It sounds as if you didn't enter your email address into the 'settings' page. Drop me an email to get this fixed.
My password doesn't seem to be working.
Firstly, check you haven't got CapsLock on as the passwords are case-sensitive. If you've just changed your password did you try to enter more than 8 characters ? This system has a maximum password length of 8 characters, any more are ignored.
It's been days and the Item Title shows '??' as the title. Why ?
This shouldn't happen anymore. The latest script gathers the item title at the very start so there's no waiting for the server to update it.
I want to donate something for using this. How ?
Firstly, thank you ! Donations are welcome electronically using PayPal or NoChex using the address [email protected] If you want to donate using another method or via PayPal using a Credit Card please send me an email.
Credits : Thanks to Keith for getting me to add these and Garrion at Mitchells for hosting this.