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UK Postal Calculator

this script will allow you to let your bidders calculate the postage costs for themselves. simply copy the script below in your auction, change the lines for the parameters of your parcel and any packaging charge applicable, and remove any postal options you do not want to offer. then paste it into your description. if you use a template system for your listings, please contact me for a custom script that allows you to keep the amount of copying & pasting to a minimum. you can leave the dimensional values as they are until this system includes other delivery agents.

<!-- start of bbUKP script -->
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
<!--// script to show UK Postal calulator
// works in IE, NS, Firebird, Opera
// baconbuttie November 2003
// change the next line to reflect your item packaged dimensions (cm) and weight (kg)
var iweight=1;var ilength=1;var iwidth=1;var iheight=1;
// change the next line to reflect any handling/packaging charge (GBP)
var pcharge=0
// do not change anything from here (apart from removing postal options)
var pmethod=1;
document.write("<div align='center' name='bbcalc' id='bbcalc'>");
document.write("<table width='260' height='130' border='0' cellpadding='0' cellspacing='20' background='http://tools.baconbuttie.co.uk/images/bbukp.jpg'><tr><td height='27'>&nbsp;</td></tr>");
document.write("<tr><td align='baseline'><form name='bbpcalc' method='post' action='javascript: goCalc(pmethod)'>");
document.write("<select name='poption' size='1' onChange=\"javascript: pmethod=this.options[selectedIndex].value;\">");
// remove any postal options you do not want to offer
document.write("<option value='1'>1st Class</option>");
document.write("<option value='2'>2nd Class</option>");
document.write("<option value='3'>1st Class Recorded</option>");
document.write("<option value='4'>2nd Class Recorded</option>");
document.write("<option value='5'>Special Delivery (£250)</option>");
document.write("<option value='6'>Special Delivery (£1000)</option>");
document.write("<option value='7'>Special Delivery (£2500)</option>");
document.write("<option value='8'>Standard Parcel</option>");
document.write("</select>\&nbsp;<input type='submit' name='btnSubmit' value='Go ...'></form></td></tr></table></div>");
function goCalc(pm){var bbUrl="http://tools.baconbuttie.co.uk/ukpcalc.asp?a=calc&iw="+iweight+"&il="+ilength+"&iwi="+iwidth+"&ih="+iheight+"&pc="+pcharge+"&pm="+pm;
var bbOpt="toolbar=no,location=no,directories=no,status=no,menubar=no,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,copyhistory=n";
popWindow(bbUrl, "BB_Calculators",bbOpt, 400, 260);}
<!-- end of bbUKP Script -->