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Having problems ? Read the FAQ first
What is it ? The WatchScript has been developed to fill a hole in the eBay functionality. Some of the other auction sites allow you, as a seller, to see how many people are watching your item. E.g. it's been up for 6 days, you've had heaps of hits but no bids. Crushing isn't it. With more and more bidders using sniping, it's comforting (and mildly addictive) to see that you're being watched.
How does it work ? If you can read and understand JavaScript then feel free to have a look and work it out for yourself. Basically it grabs someone 'watching' your item and increments a counter for your item. Then you can check back here to see how many times it's happened. Please don't ask me for the server-side code (I know !!) because I'm not about to give it away.
Is it eBay legal ? This question rears it's ugly head sometimes, and the answer is "I don't know". As a JavaScript it is subject to eBays filters, and it passes through them with no problem. I have not had any communication from eBay to suggest that it cannot be used, although I have seen emails sent to users from eBay suggesting (incorrectly) that it violates the Linking Policy.
What do I have to do ? All you need to do is copy the entire script into your item description. Done properly, it will not show as it's JavaScript and the browser will hide it from view. Get yourself a login if you want to use it often, or query each item WatchCount individually. Remember, it can only track 'watchers' if the item description contains the WatchScript. There is no hookup with eBay's database, so I can't perform miracles.
Where can I get it ? The latest version can be found here.

*** Remember to copy the entire script into your item description, and ensure it looks exactly the same as the example given. Line-wrapping will stop it working.
Do I need to register with you ? No. But registration does have benefits. Daily emails of your stats, and all the current items on one page are available to registered users. Non-registered users can still use it, but they can only search for a single item each time.
What happens in registration ? You send me an email via eBay. I create your account with a temporary password which I email to you. You login and set a new one, and some other optional information. I aim to turn registrations around in 24 hours. You can still use the script in your auctions, and it will still count 'watchers', but you won't have access to the more complex pages until you can login.
Are my details safe ? Please, please don't use your eBay password for this system, only your eBay userid. I don't need it, I don't want it. The password you use for this system is encrypted, so even I can't see what it is. I don't share user data with anyone else, and your email address won't be passed onto any third party for any reason. If you decide you want to stop using this tool, simply email me and I'll remove all your details.
Ok ... how much ? Err... nothing, zilch, diddly-squat. Unless you want to make a donation.
Any conditions on me using it ? Only 1. By using it you agree to not modify the script in any way, including the information section at the top of the script. I don't make any money doing this, so it's a small 'price' to pay. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in removal of your use of advanced features.
Do you want any credit on my listing ? If you would like to put a link to my ebay 'me' page at the bottom of your listing that would be great. Click here for some suitable HTML and a logo. The page that generates your JavaScipt (v2.1+) now will also generate a credit too, just remember to put the resulting code at the bottom of your description.
What's new in version 2.1 ? This new version 2.1 is much much shorter than previous versions. A brainwave/realisation or two has made me think about how to gather the required information.
Can I still get the old versions ? No, they don't work and if you're going to change your script you may as well use one that works :o)
What else are you offering ? There are now some Page Counters that integrate nicely with the WatchList and are available separately, a few more 'nice' JavaScripts in the JavaScript Generator. I'm also working on a LinkTracker so you can see where people arrive at your pages from.
What's next ? The next development will be to 'internationalise' the script, allowing 'watches' from non-English language sites to be captured as well. An exciting integration opportunity is also close, I'll keep you posted.
Frequently Asked Questions

I've changed my eBay username/ID and now nothing appears to be 'watched'
The script links items to your ID, which is the same as your username in this system. Change one, and the other needs to be changed. Email me your new and old ID and I'll make the changes asap, and relink any existing items with your old ID to your new one.
I appear to be missing items that I know are being 'watched'
Firstly, check your script has been generated with your baconbuttie username/ID. If you've been sent the script from someone else and haven't changed the 'sid=' part then the server will link the item to their ID (only in this system, not eBay). If the script is correct then email me with an item number and I'll take a look to see what's happening.
I use TurboLister and the script doesn't work.
When using TL to generate your item, you need to ensure that you insert the script while in the 'HTML View', not in the default 'Design View'. If you don't, TL will treat the script as normal text and really mess it up !
I use SpareDollar and the script doesn't work.
Similarly to TL, when using SD to generate your item, you need to ensure that you insert the script while in the 'HTML Mode', not in the default 'Design Mode'. If you don't, SD will treat the script as normal text and really mess it up !
I'm sure I've put the script in properly, but it doesn't seem to be counting my 'watchers'.
From v2.2 onwards, the only test that works is to try "watching" your item using another ID. If the script is working (and assuming you've selected a visible logo) you'll see the baconbuttie logo appear on your listing when the item is added to the eBay "items i'm watching" list. It will not appear again unless you remove the item from the list and "watch" it again. If you're still unsure, email me an item number and I'll have a look for you.
When I login it just shows me the login page again !
This will happen if you don't have cookies turned on. Turn them on and try again.
I've tried to reset my password but I've not yet had an email.
It sounds as if you didn't enter your email address into the 'settings' page. Drop me an email to get this fixed.
My password doesn't seem to be working.
Firstly, check you haven't got CapsLock on as the passwords are case-sensitive. If you've just changed your password did you try to enter more than 8 characters ? This system has a maximum password length of 8 characters, any more are ignored.
When using extended listings does my item title show as '????????'
The server updates the item titles on a fairly regular basis through the day. Without a direct connection to the eBay database, it's an extremely bandwidth-hungry process and in order to not compromise system availability updates happen most frequently in the morning (GMT) before the US 'wakes up'. Until your item's record has been updated it will show ????????? as the title
It's been days and it now shows '??' as the title. Why ?
This shouldn't happen anymore. I've added a secondary process to get the item title from the description page instead of the 'lighter' bidding history page for items that don't have a 'Bidding History' page (e.g. BIN).
I want to donate something for using this. How ?
Firstly, thank you ! Donations are welcome electronically using PayPal or NoChex using the address [email protected] If you want to donate using another method or via PayPal using a Credit Card please send me an email.
Credits : Thanks to the guys on the UK Q&A Board for giving me the idea, and Eddie at AuctionPix for the early testing, Dave at UKAuctionHelp for his help, Garrion at Mitchells for hosting this all, and all the current users of version 1. If it wasn't for you I might be doing some real work now ;o)